Improvisations – Secret Sounds

Hi all,

Today I want to introduce a new concept for you to enjoy: Improvisation Albums. Last years I’ve been working on creating sheet music and record some of those.

In the process of creating a composition a lot of beautiful sounds and ideas got lost. Due to complexity, replayability and simply having to choose between certain melodies and chords. My mind sometimes has crazy ideas. To write it all down some of those sounds just gets lost. So with the new improvisation albums I just play what’s on my mind and if I like it, without too much mistakes, I publish it for you to listen to it. For now I won’t create sheet music for it.

My first Improvisation album is called ‘Secret Sounds’. It contains 6 solo piano pieces. 3 are already online, for free to listen.

I have some nice idea’s for the future. But for now enjoy my new album!


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